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What is the Global Knowledge Platform?

The GKP project is of exceptional importance to humanity. It is a long-term project working for the present and future generations working and living in the fast-approaching AI economy.

The Global Knowledge Platform (GKP) is a research and development project aiming at building an AI-run online knowledge hyperspace accumulating and transferring in an innovative way the knowledge of humanity. After the completion, the platform will function as a global online marketplace for digital knowledge transfer (KT). GKP will directly interlink both global categories of its users – knowledge contributors and knowledge consumers (the supply side and the demand side).

GKP is for all people around the world who want to prepare better for their professional careers and jobs. The platform will offer them a better (more efficient) way of digital knowledge transfer.
GKP will vastly influence the way humanity collect, transfer, share, manage and use knowledge. Using the GKP’s services, people will also learn how to interact and collaborate with AI while assisted, tutored or advised by it, which is a very important skill needed in the AI age. 


The innovation in GKP is based on new ideas, approaches and their applications in digital knowledge transfer (KT)

Artificial Neural Network

New artificial neural network (ANN)-based hyperspace knowledge structure

Metadata Systems

New metadata systems for classifying and linking knowledge

Active Content

“Active” content conveying knowledge and embedded KT metrics, and analytics

Lean Principles- based

Lean principles-based (no waste) digital KT process guaranteeing quality and efficiency


Real-time AI-assisted KT for personalized knowledge acquisition while closing all detected knowledge gaps, and many more.

The Project Roadmap

GKP is a long-term project. The platform development and implementation will be completed in four phases:

GKP Core

Knowledge hyperspace and KT sub-systems design and development

Timeframe: up to 24 months


Integration of all GKP functional sub-systems, including cloud, eCommerce and information cybersecurity

Timeframe: up to 24 months

The initial start of GKP global business operations in the knowledge market


Further GKP automation involving personal AI-assistants and bridging the platform with other Industry 4.0 platforms

Timeframe: up to 24 months

General AI

Creating General Artificial Intelligence (GAI) based on accumulated human knowledge

Timeframe: up to 24 months


The Market

GKP global business will change the way today’s knowledge industry operates. The platform is projected to gradually accumulate considerable segments of the existing global knowledge markets, including:

Publishing     Education     Workplace Training     Learning Technology

All of those together projected to reach $10.5+ trillion in 2030.


The company is looking for funding by long-term strategic partners-investors to complete the GKP project and start together business operations in the global knowledge market.

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The Global Knowledge Platform (GKP) is artificial intelligence (AI)-based project currently under development by Global Knowledge Development Ltd. GKD Ltd is a hi-tech IT R&D startup company incorporated in the United Kingdom, London metropolitan area.

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